Università Popolare di Firenze

Social Teaching

Università Popolare di Firenze (ENG)

The Università Popolare di Firenze, the first People's University in Italy, was revived in 2011 with the intention of bringing citizens closer to the culture and to social commitment regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation or ethnicity. The UPF has cultural, scientific and continuing education purposes aimed at adults.
To implement its programme it organizes events, seminars, conferences and cultural, educational, scientific, artistic and lifelong learning courses; it also pursues purposes related to unconventional medicine and bio-natural disciplines. The UPF, also through its network and associates, organizes professional, refresher and specialized training courses.
The UPF is on the Tuscan Register of Associations for Social Promotion as well as the National Register of Research Institution; it is a member of the CNUPI, National Confederation of the Italian People's Universities which is member of the EAEA, European Association for the Education of Adults and finally it is accredited as a Training Organization as per Ministerial Decree 177/2001.
The educational offer of the UPF, despite its young age, is very broad and offers its users a multitude of courses for adults in various areas of interest, some of which are completely free, such as “I Mercoledì dell’Università Popolare”, the open meeting on cultural, social and health issues; the “Agora” Giornale Telematico, the UPF’s monthly online Magazine; the periodical online surveys on political and social issues to meet the citizens’ needs, and the free service desk on psychotherapy.
The educational offer is characterized by intensive practical/workshop courses that are customized for users and organized around professional objectives. Of these we can mention: Music Therapy education, Euro Design, Creative Writing, Cutting and Sewing, Foreign languages at various levels, History of Religions, Graphology, Basic Computer Training, Yoga, and Naturopathy.
The methodologies used are interactive, multimedia and collaborative, and the participation of adults in the courses increases over the years improving their educational offer.
The aim of the Università Popolare di Firenze is to create a local and European community of dynamic people responsible for social, environmental and psychophysical health issues.


Contact us at: info@universitapopolaredifirenze.it